Andy Siegel Scholarship Fund

Andy Siegel Retirement Fund for Tuition Assistance

Some news is "happy sad." Our beloved Andy Siegel, Marymount's extraordinary teacher and colleague of 19 years, will "graduate" with the class of 2013. Andy and his wife, Sharon, are retiring together and have made plans to begin their next life free from the work world. We cannot imagine missing anyone more than Andy, but he promises to substitute teach for us, and it is our hope that we can hire him to do an occasional elective so that Marymount students can continue to know one of the "giants" of the profession. We find it hard to say goodbye, but who cannot wish Andy and Sharon well as they begin their next chapter with a month together in France, and making faster progress on their "bucket list."

Whether you were in one of Andy’s first classes with his daughter Elizabeth or have fond memories of Mr. Siegel accompanying you on a trip to Washington D.C. or simply remember Mr. Siegel’s harmonious whistle or dry jokes, Mr. Siegel has made a lasting impression on the Marymount community.  His heartfelt graduation citations stay with graduates and their families forever.

In honor of Mr. Siegel’s contributions to Marymount and to share his legacy with future generations, the Andy Siegel Scholarship Fund has been established.  Mr. Siegel has requested that all contributions support tuition assistance for Marymount students.  For Mr. Siegel, it is all about the children.  For those who wish to pay tribute to Andy Siegel, your tax-deductible gift of any size will support tuition assistance for qualifying students and will provide opportunities for all children to experience a Marymount education and teachers like Mr. Siegel.

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