Annual Fund 2008-2009

1st Grade

Class Captains David Connaughton and Jenny Scholl
Dear First Grade Families,

Over the summer, we were asked by Marymount to be the first grade ambassadors for the Annual Fund. As a group comprised of one family for each grade, the ambassadors are tasked with getting 100 % of the schools’ families to participate in the Annual Fund.  As parents reflecting on what we have cherished most about our Marymount community, we were reminded of the following:

*Last years’ theme of “One hope, one dream, one Marymount” and this years’ theme of “Going Global” and how these themes build our Marymount community

*Our children growing and becoming a part of the school – from the very first Opening Circle where the kindergarteners were welcomed by the whole school - to hearing about the Middle School buddies and - watching our First Graders welcome this years’ kindergarteners

*Mrs. David and other teachers welcoming the students and parents each morning at drop-off
Events like the Father Daughter Dance, Back to School BBQ and Camping at Sea World

*The amazing amount of parent participation

*All of the fun and new things our children are learning through art, science, Spanish, computer, music, and P.E. programs, in addition to the classroom

*Our children spending everyday at such a beautiful and historic location

*The availability of teachers and administrators for checking-in as needed

*And ……. most importantly, appreciating how happy Connie is at Marymount.

As ambassadors we have become better informed of Marymount’s financial structure and the importance of the Annual Fund.  It turns out that the tuition we pay is not enough to run the school.  In fact the shortfall between the planned expenses and tuition is $560,000; divided by the student body is a short fall of about $2,600 per student.

How can this be?  And where does the money come from?

It is not unusual, and in fact it is the standard that private schools are structured with a shortfall between tuition and operating expenses in order to keep the tuition lower.  This is done knowing that the additional revenue will need to be raised through an Annual Fund.  One of the primary benefits of the Annual Fund is that it gives parents the ability to pay the additional amount needed for running the school with tax deductible dollars.  The Annual Fund also gives those who are able to make greater contributions an opportunity to do so, which benefits the entire Marymount community.

The hope is that every family gives what they can - and by doing so - allow the school to leverage the families’ contributions to acquire additional funds from foundations.  These foundations require high levels of participation in the Annual Fund before they are willing to provide grants to Marymount.  When everyone contributes, no mater what the amount, it shows our vote of confidence in the Marymount community and its’ programs which translates into the receipt of grants and other outside revenue sources.

Did you know that there are several ways to contribute to the Annual Fund?  You can make a one-time payment or you can pledge a series of payments throughout the year.  If you have already made a contribution - Thank you!  Your contribution is deeply appreciated.  If you are considering giving and have questions about the Annual Fund, we are here to help and would enjoy having you over to our house for a glass of wine or a mug of root beer float.

Jenny Scholl and David Connaughton

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