Annual Fund 2008-2009

5th Grade

Class Captain Robert Jacobi and Lisa Newman-Jacobi
Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

I’ve decided to take cues from both of our Presidential Candidates and appeal to your hearts AND pocketbooks by infusing this request on behalf of Marymount’s Annual Fund Campaign with Straight Talk Express frankness and a Yes We Can attitude.

Our kids are natural leaders.  In case your child has yet to inform you, the Fifth Grade already leads the school in raising money for Engineers Without Borders.  Clearly, they are becoming more and more Globally Aware and interested.   By continuing in this partnership with Marymount, we assist in nurturing their already innate leadership qualities.   They are this nation’s future.  We, as parents, set the example by inspiring generosity and philanthropy early in our children’s lives.

Here are some facts for 2008’s Annual Fund campaign:

* Marymount suffers from a deficit of roughly $2,500 per student.

* The Annual Fund assists in closing that differential from the tuition base

* Our goal is 100% parent participation at whatever level is feasible for your family

* Board Members, faculty and staff all support the Annual Fund

* Your gift is TAX DEDUCTIBLE

We are committing ourselves to this campaign because:

* Our children’s education is our most meaningful investment

* 100% parent participation assists Marymount in receiving school grants.  By evidencing our full commitment, outside foundations are more likely to assist

*  We are able to keep the best teachers and continually perfect our already excellent programs and facilities

* We will provide a diverse economic environment for each class, fostering greater sensitivity and experience for our children

* Unlike tuition, your gift is tax deductible!

Once again, 100% participation is our Fifth Grade’s goal.  This year, the difference between Marymount’s total revenue and total expenses is $561,760.  With budgeted number of students enrolled at 214, the gap between tuition and the true cost per child is $2,625.00.

Robert and I have donated $2,625.00 to bridge the gap in McKenna’s educational costs.  She spends over 40 hours each week at Marymount.  In gratitude for the excellent care, counseling, education and encouragement she receives, we gladly make this (tax-deductible) gift to Marymount.  No matter what size contribution your family makes, it will assist Marymount in receiving additional funding.  Please join our family in making this year’s campaign a resounding success!

All the best,

Robert Jacobi and Lisa Newman-Jacobi
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