Annual Fund 2010-2011

Dear Fellow Marymount Parents,

What a great start to the school year we are having.  Test scores are up (again), the campus is crackling with energy and friendship, and each day we see fantastic, innovative efforts being made to provide the best education for our children.  We absolutely love the Marymount experience and consider it one of the most satisfying decisions we have ever made for our family.

The reason for our letter today is to ask each of you, as core members of the Marymount community, to give generously to the Annual Fund.  Providing best class educators, dedicated computer, music, language, science and math curriculum, and a 9:1 student ratio ultimately takes resources.   

As you are likely aware, tuition covers 80% of Marymount's operating budget.  The remaining 20% is paid for by contributions to the Annual Fund and various other fundraising initiatives throughout the year.  This approach keeps tuition more affordable for many families, allows the use of after-tax dollars via the contributions, and is a standard practice with most independent schools. 

Our 2010 Annual Fund has a target of $300,000.  There are roughly 200 students and 150 families at the school.  Although our alumni, faculty, Board, and external parties will be all solicited for funds, you can see this is a big amount ($300,000) spread across a fairly small community (150 families).   

The entire Annual Fund will be used to better educate our children and maintain our school's momentum.  This year it is particularly important we successfully raise funds as we are also in the midst of a Head of School search.  A successful Annual Fund drive is a wonderful indicator for perspective applicants to benchmark our school against other private schools.

We believe there is no better return on our investment than Marymount.  Please join us in helping achieve this year's Annual Fund goal.

Go Marymount!

Cindy and Don Oas

Annual Fund Chairs

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