Annual Fund 2010-2011


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Whether you have been here for only a matter of weeks or more than 30 years, we all have invested a great deal to be here now.  In the words of the beloved master of ceremonies of our 2010 graduation, Chandler Swift, "We are Marymount." We are the contemporary guardians of a long and illustrious legacy.

Marymount has faced and met many challenges as she has withstood the winds of time. Her survival has surely given evidence of the grace of God, but also the vision, commitment, and sacrifice of those to whom her care has been entrusted.  We, today, stand shoulder to shoulder not only with our Board members and our parents, but with all who have tended to Marymount's growth and development over the past 72 years.

We humbly request that you stand with us by investing in the next chapter in the story of our school.  We, who daily stand before our students, not only provide examples of the work we teach, but we set examples and help to guide our students' future through our own giving and financial support.

We thank you in advance for your generous contribution and look forward to the continuing partnership we all share.


Tim and Valerie Pearson

Staff Giving Section Co-Chairs

Annual Fund Giving 2010-2011

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