Annual Fund 2011-2012

Fifth Grade

Greetings 5th grade families!

Pumpkins and turkeys surround us…and soon we will see the elves begin their hard work at our beloved Marymount.  This time of family togetherness and giving is the perfect time to make your much needed donation to the Annual Fund.  Most of us know how vital this contribution is to our school; it bridges the tuition gap and shows our united support as not only individual classes, but an entire school.  All Annual Fund gifts are spent in the year in which they are given, so we are able to see our gifts at work.

This year, I would like us to attain the 100% participation for the 5th grade.  How awesome would that be for our kids to be able to say that everyone in their class donated!  Even though I have been here over five years, I have had questions myself every year when this fundraiser was begun.  I am glad that I finally understand where the funds go, and why this particular fundraiser is the most important of the whole year.  I always thought that if I gave at the auction, then it was the same as donating to the Annual Fund.  I was wrong!  Although much of the auction funds are unrestricted, not all are.  The Annual Fund has a larger goal to ensure unrestricted support of Marymount’s operations.  And, what I think is most important...Many foundations ask for the participation rating to decide whether to provide the school with funding; they want to see that the families care about Marymount.  I mean, why would they want to donate to a school if the students and parents didn’t like it?

So, I really hope you will jump on the computer and donate today; I have already made my annual gift and want to achieve the 100% this year.  I was so excited when I was chosen to be the class captain for this year.  I want to emphasize that:  Every gift truly makes a difference. Please don’t let time slip by, just click on the link and donate, it is super easy and you will feel happy!  I promise!

Much thanks in advance!

Vickie Gonzalez (Alani’s mom)

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